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Protect Your Pet with Tick and Flea Prevention in Tallahassee, FL

If your pet has fleas or ticks, life can quicklybecome miserable for both of you. Fleas and ticks cause pets to scratch andwhine incessantly, and they spread dangerous diseases that can harm your petand spread to humans. Needless to saythey can make your pet very uncomfortable.

To find flea and tick control for your dogsin Tallahassee, FL, schedule an appointment with Animal Medical Clinic. Ourservices will keep your pet and family safe from these dangerous pests.

Fight Fleas and Ticks

At Animal Medical Clinic, we use the mostcurrent topical and oral medications to give your pet effective, long-lastingflea or tick control. Most of these medications allow control of pests for amonth or more. We can offer professionaladvice to recommend an effective control program based on your pet’senvironment, age and health.

We also advise our clients to monitor theirpets' environments to remove harmful pests when possible. Chemically treat youryard for fleas and vacuum your home frequently. If you live in a wooded areaand worry about ticks, keep your yard clean and manicured.

With your environmental control and ourtreatments, your pet can stay happily flea- and tick-free.

Enjoy Our Convenient Services

When your cat or dog needs help, trust thefriendly staff at Animal Medical Clinic. Our high-tech equipment ensures thatyour pet stays comfortable and receives the proper treatment.

We do our best to give your pets superior carewith our tick and flea prevention. Our clinic makes your flea and tick consultationas simple as possible with our drop-off appointments. If needed, we canwork with you to schedule a pick-up time that fits into your busy day. Once youpick up your pet, we'll spend a few moments talking to you about his or hercare and future preventative methods.

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When you take your pets to the vet, you improvetheir quality of life. Contact us to schedule an appointment at (850) 878-8288.