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Act Responsibly with Spay and Neuter Services in Tallahassee, FL

Have you spayed or neutered your pet? Spaying and neutering treatments allow you to both guarantee the health of your own pet and other pets as well. Trust the caring veterinarian professionals of the Animal Medical Clinic to when you need to spay or neuter your dog or cat.

Why Spay or Neuter Your Pet?

Millions of pets enter animal shelters and face euthanasia every year. When you neuter or spay your pet, you help reduce the number of pets that die due to overpopulation. Animal shelters have more room to house and accommodate pets when pet owners neuter and spay their pets

Give Your Pet a Healthier Life

Neutering or spaying your pet eliminates health risks they face in life, helping them live longer lives. Your pets will have a lower risk for infections and cancer when you spay and neuter them. Overall, your male pet will have a 18% chance of a longer life, while your female pet will have a 23% longer life when you get it treated.

Get Rid of Bad Behaviors

Pets have less disruptive behavior when you get them spayed and neutered. Heat cycles go away, and your pets will act calmer and will have less need to roam the neighborhood. You can protect your pet when you spay and neuter them.

The Procedure

The Animal Medical Clinic offers surgical spay and neuter services. These procedures include the safest anesthesia and monitoring available as well as complete pain management after the procedures. You will drop your pet off with us in the morning and your pet will be ready to pick up in the afternoon. 

Call us at (850) 878-8288 for additional details about the procedure, price estimates, or to schedule your pet's appointment.