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Keep Your Pet Safe from Preventable Diseases

You can give your pets a long life by protecting them with the proper vaccines. Animal illnesses shorten your pets’ lifespan and, in the case of rabies, make them a threat to people, too. However, vaccinations mean you and your pets can enjoy a life uninterrupted by disease.

The American Association of Feline Practitioners and American Animal Hospital Association’s Canine Task Force classified pet vaccines as core vaccines based on their need. Here is a quick list of the vaccines your animal needs.

Canine Core Vaccines

  • Canine adenovirus-2 (hepatitis and respiratory disease)
  • Canine parvovirus-2
  • Distemper
  • Rabies

Feline Core Vaccines

  • Calici virus
  • Herpes virus type I (rhinotracheitis)
  • Panleukopenia (feline distemper)
  • Rabies

Keep in mind that your pets may also need non-core vaccines and vaccines specific to your environment. You can work with our expert veterinarians to determine what vaccines your pet needs based on risks specific to Tallahassee and your animal's lifestyle.

Vaccine Schedules

Vaccinations often take time to take hold. You can trust our experienced veterinarians to help determine what vaccine schedules works well for your cat or dog. With their help, your pets will have a schedule that supports immunity while avoiding complications.

Keep your pets healthy for the long run with dog and cat vaccinations. Call (850) 878-8288 to schedule an appointment.